Aquamarine was said to be the treasure of mermaids and is known as the March birthstone. Its name comes from the combination of the Latin words aqua (meaning water) and marina (meaning the sea - or the colour of the sea).

Aquamarine stones can range from a very light, almost transparent blue/ green colour, to a rich vibrant blue colour.

Aquamarine is said to be calming, soothing and cleansing. It is a stone of courage and its calming energies are said to help quiet the mind and reduce stress.

Silver Raw Aquamarine Ring
Statement Raw Aquamarine Ring
Aquamarine Hook Earrings
Large Aquamarine Pendant
Aquamarine Double Stone Ring
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Aquamarine Silver Stud Earrings
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Aquamarine Pearl Earrings
Mermaid Aquamarine Ring
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